The Joke

A shout out to Bil Keane and Family Circus, along with Mrs. Palm for the joke.  It is ripped from real life and implanted in my brain.

I really have no idea how the joke in panel 3 should end.  I do not even know if a joke like that exists in the world.  So, readers, this is the first contest of The Sabbatical Year.  Write the rest of the joke and post it in the comment section below.  The best joke will receive a Byron Johnson original artist trading card of a Turkish scene and something special from Turkey.  No rules or guidelines for judging.  Just make me laugh.  Be appropriate for all ages, though.


  1. Jocelyn August 8, 2010

    A priest, a rabbi, and a turkey walk into a bar, and the priest says, “I’ll have a thimble-full of wine; the rabbi says, “I’ll just take a little selzter”; and then the turkey says “I feel like I should order a shot of raki, but for some reason I’m too stuffed.”


  2. kmkat August 8, 2010

    …and the bartender says, “No foul language in here!”

    Yeah, lame, I know, but it is what came to mind.

  3. lime August 8, 2010

    the good news is we’re spending next year in Chicken, Alaska!

    (really, you must look at the website. you WILL laugh)

    oh, and “queen of the greek isles” had me giggling most heartily.

  4. skinnydipisland August 9, 2010

    Oh honey, your dad and I are much to chicken to go to Chicken. We’ve heard they’re all turkey’s there!
    Enjoying your posts everyone! Hope all is well in Turkey. Mn is hot and muggy!

  5. Sharyn August 9, 2010

    And the bartender says, “Everybody, Duck!”

  6. Colleen August 9, 2010

    First, Jocelyn is disqualified. Second, here is Tim’s and my entry.

    A priest, a rabbi and a turkey walk into a bar. The rabbi says, “Hey, Father O’Malley, why did you guys have to roast all those heretics during the Crusades?” The priest says, “Oh, yeah, Shmuley? Why did you guys have to serve up Jesus on a silver platter?” And the turkey says, “Whoa, hey, look at the time!”

  7. Mike August 9, 2010

    I’ll hopefully think of a joke later. I just had to figure out for myself why Turkey jokes had a birth date. Nows I knows.
    Also, Byron, your penmanship has greatly improved over the past, uh, 28 years…

  8. Byron August 10, 2010

    Still time to get your jokes in. They are all great and I’ll choose a winner next Sunday when the next panel goes up.

    @Mike—My penmanship is actually worse. When lettering the comic I have to think like I’m drawing each letter and that makes them all much neater.

  9. phil shils August 10, 2010

    i got nothing. saw tone loc this weekend and all i have running through my head for 4 days after is funky cold medina. enjoying the strip though.

  10. Byron August 11, 2010

    Could a good dose of My Sharona work to get the Funky Cold Medina out of the head?

  11. Byron August 15, 2010

    Okay, Jocelyn is disqualified. She’s kin. Not blood kin, but kin, none the less.

    Tim and Colleen were almost out of the running because my daughter does not understand it. But it was a really good history and religious learning moment. And it made me laugh. A lot.

    Let me know if you have any requests for what you want from Turkey and which Artist’s Trading Card you all would like.

    Nice job, everyone, on submitting, More contests will follow.

  12. Colleen August 15, 2010

    ah, victory, she is sweet! I hope winners aren’t disqualified from future contests. Prize-wise, I don’t suppose ayran would ship too well . . . hmm. We’ll ponder our non-Midnight-Express-related options.

  13. Jessica Davenport September 6, 2010

    This is so great! Just catching up, hope to be following the adventures more closely as time permits. 🙂

  14. Steve September 21, 2010

    Late to the party, but I’m glad I finally found the site, Byron! I’m pretty sure Jocelyn can write faster than I can read, so I’m enjoying the byte sized nature of the comic (no offense, Joc). Here’s my attempt at a too late joke:

    An Orthodox priest, an Orthodically challenged rabbi and an Orthodontic turkey walk into a bar. The turkey smiled smugly as the bartender marveled at the perfect beaks of the holy men. The rabbi hobbled over to a stool, where he was soon joined by the priest. They each ordered a Wild Turkey on the rocks. The turkey frowned. “Why do we always have to bring him along?” asked the priest, referring to the turkey. “Just beakclaws,” said the rabbi. They dipped their beaks into their glasses. It was a struggle. They missed their lips. The turkey smiled smugly.

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