I Also Spotted a Pair of Ruby Red Slippers in the Field

Back in Duluth, I can go weeks without having to recharge my Kindle.  However, here in the land of No Bookstores (much less ones with books in English), the Kindle has become our most-coveted item, one that circulates amongst all of us in the family, something that needs frequent recharging.

The lack of new reading material has led us to family consensus:  as we eyeball our last six weeks in Turkey and start to imagine our days back in Minnesota, the number one thing each of us is excited for is the library.  Free, easy, constantly-changing stacks of books make us salivate, and the lack of free, easy, constantly-changing stacks of books this year has been something we’ve never gotten past. 

So, yes, we can’t wait for the library.

Also, in every possible way, we have missed diversity this year–in ethnicities, in languages, in the ways people dress themselves, in choices of foods, in values, in thinking.  Pretty much, I’m over the five kinds of fruit we’ve been having for far too long.  A raspberry, a blueberry, a peach…I hanker for them all.

The list of things we’ve missed and find ourselves excited for is extensive.  But those feelings are just a small part of the larger experience.  More than anything, we still, nearly eleven months after leaving the States, continue to be awestruck at our experience and appreciative of the colors and textures and smells of Turkey.

Below is a slideshow of photos taken last night, when I went out for a walk before sunset.  We have been transported by the wildflowers dominating the Cappadocian landscape–particularly the bright red poppies–so I wanted to try to capture the look and feel of this dusty place that is, nevertheless, so lush.  Trust me, I know photos of flowers are overdone and hard to make interesting…but if you take a minute to click through the slideshow, you might feel that you’ve just taken a quick trip to our neighborhood.

And that’ll give us something to talk about upon my return to the States–you know, to help us bypass all the uneasy silences that have defined our relationship so far.

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11 Responses to I Also Spotted a Pair of Ruby Red Slippers in the Field

  1. Jazz says:

    I love me a poppy – I don’t see them here.

    As for my kindle, it’s my little plastic lump of luuuuuurrrrrrrrve, it is.

    Now just imagine a nice juicy, sweet peach. Biting into it, juice running down your chin…


  2. Deborah says:

    I imagine you’re both mentally fast-forwarding and simultaneously hauling on the brakes during these last weeks in Turkey. Smiled to see you making plans on FB for an August get-together in Duluth. I’ll miss the Turkish posts, but I have confidence that you can make Minnesotan life – or life anywhere, for that matter – perfectly, hilariously readable.
    The poppies abound here too – but can I get them introduced to our garden???? Your pix are lovely – beautiful light and depth of field. Wistful, in a way.

  3. Shannon says:


  4. I won’t tell you I went to the library today. I can’t believe only six weeks of this adventure remain.

  5. I CANNOT believe it is almost time for you to come home. Speaking of which–I need to get your books in the mail!

  6. sweffing says:

    I did not realise you were so close to returning home, I will miss your posts from Turkey, but as Deborah says, I am sure you can write from anywhere and make it interesting and fun!

    Its a strange time, getting ready to leave one place and go to another. Neither ‘fish, fowl nor good, red meat’. Almost a kind of limbo as pyschologically one gets ready to pull up the roots, wrap them up and transplant them – even though they are probably only small, young roots.

    Hope all goes well with the move and that you have time to enjoy your last few weeks here. Magical pix. Thanks.

  7. VioletSky says:

    Only 6 weeks, already?!!
    I have so enjoyed reading your experiences in Turkey (even if I have been a bit silent in the commenting area)

  8. Steve says:

    You’ve really got an eye for the shot. Love the poppies. Are they innocent little red wild flowers? Or soon to be harvested for the opium trade?

  9. lime says:

    so lovely. as breathtaking as the scenes of cappadocia have been it is wonderful to see the landscape alive with vibrant colors. love the shots.

  10. kmkat says:

    Ya know, all those poppies and a few hours work in the lab, er, kitchen, and you could make enough money to start a library there in Cappadocia. Just sayin’…

  11. Kurt Mead says:

    If one might be described as ‘wistful’ then might one ‘wist’ (used as a verb)? I think that these images are full of wist. Lovely and evocative.

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