Definitely Not Sanity Saving

It’s a Sunday afternoon here, and I have no idea what time it is–unless we can call Once Again the Power Is Out, Just When I Wanted to Take a Shower, Do the Dishes, and Run Some Laundry** an hour of the day.  Lately, with frequent power outages, we could give this label to quite a few hours. 

So all I know is that it’s twenty-five past Power Outage, and my computer’s battery has 31 minutes remaining before it dies, and so I should probably just shut the thing off and go out into the bright sunshine for my Walkies and stop being so concerned about using electricity when the big firey ball in the sky is looking so happy up there.

But, before heading outside, I did want to get onto the computer so I could look up what time it is right now here in Turkey.  I’m confused because of daylight savings.  In the U.S., daylight savings happened a couple of weeks ago, but for most of Europe and other parts of the world, it’s happening today.  Thus, it makes sense that my googling of “current time in Istanbul” showed me a time that is one hour later than what’s on our clocks around the house.


When I told Byron, “Looks like Turkey did move the clocks forward last night,” he said, “Nope, they didn’t.” 

Did too.

Did not.

Did too.

Did not.

After about a minute of that backing-and-forthing–and wheee what fun that is!–I conceded that he’s always right, so why, in this case, when The Magic Google Machine had given me the time change information, was I wrong?

Well, it gets confusing when Turkey decides that this one March it’s going to wait another day before switching to “summer hours.”  You see, today a major national exam is being held–the university entrance exam–and the Turkish government didn’t want the time change to work against the students taking the exam, so they decreed that tomorrow, after the exam is over, the time change will take effect.

Apparently, the Turkish government forgot to inform Google. 

Searches of other websites did reveal no time change…while still other sites are, indeed, reflecting a time change…and pretty much all I can say is that one of those soon-to-be university students had best score pretty darn well on his/her exam and get into a fabulous college whereupon he/she will go on to invent a System for Jocelyns (SFJ) that consists of a portable jetpack (it doesn’t really need to fly, but I like that option–you never know here in the village when you’re going to wish you had the power to levitate 10 feet into the air so’s to leap over a recalcitrant donkey), and in this jetpack will be a clock that always reflects the correct current time, no matter where I am or what day of the year it is, and it will also sport a personal electricity generator so that if there’s biathlon coverage on the Eurosport channel some sunny afternoon, I have the choice of either going outside and moving my own body or staying inside sedentarily and ogling people with skis and guns move theirs.


**I’m fine with taking a shower in the dark, but the little hot water heater on the bathroom wall doesn’t warm the water unless there’s electricity…and to wash dishes, we heat water in this electrical pot thingy, which is also useless during a power outage.  Hmmm.  The more I think about it, the more I think a power outage gives me license to externalize the dirty sloth I’ve always harbored not-so-deeply inside…

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4 Responses to Definitely Not Sanity Saving

  1. Hehe, what fun! We did change the clocks over here today, so now it’s all nice and light out even though it’s time to start thinking about dinner. I love daylight savings time, but I’m not hungry yet. Showering in the dark with cold water? Hmmm, that does not sound fun…dark I could deal with, but cold water…no way! Hope your power goes back on again soon.

  2. Jazz says:

    The turkish government didn’t inform Google because doesn’t blogger belong to google and isn’t blogger on the outs with the turkish government?

  3. lime says:

    no need to explain why you can’t take a shower. we have well water so no electricity=no pump to get the water into the house

    does it help to know we’ve been plagued with outages too?

  4. Jocelyn says:

    It does help, Lime. It does. I finally braced for a cold shower–having weighed repulsion by my own stink against fear of icy water–and it wasn’t that bad. Yea, a bit dark.

    Lights were out for 8.5 hours today…probably the fifth time this week. Yawn. You bore me, power outages.

    And Jazz: brilliant connection! YES, yes, that’s just the ticket.

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