This Time, Pork Free

With the arrival of Spring, people are ready to travel. Thus, we’ll be hosting a spate of visitors in the next few months, people who are ready to eat olives and tomatoes, soak up the Call to Prayer, and peek into ancient churches. ‘Cause that’s what we’ve got:  olives, calls, and churches.

Starting the influx of visitors were my aunt and uncle, who spent six days this past week here in Cappadocia (after three days in Istanbul and two in Athens). Aunt Phyl and Uncle Scott live outside Duluth, so we’re used to seeing them on a regular basis. Perhaps more importantly, Scott is the one who picked me up when I was five years old and wearing a very pretty dress and hefted me over the railings of a pigpen to set me on the back of the biggest beast in the joint.

Somewhat surprisingly, given how pretty my dress was, we are still on speaking terms.

How could we not be? Scott and Phyl are the people who dropped me off at college, who came to every Parents’ Day for the four years I was there, who gave Byron and me a pig–do we sense a recurring theme?–as a wedding present (and proceeded to roast it up and serve it at our reception). They have always been awesome and held true to form during their time in Turkey; they were up for hiking and seeing dervishes whirl and drinking multitudinous cups of tea and doing craft projects with the kids and having picnics and wading through the crowded Saturday market and making paintings and watching the kids do pottery and hitting their heads on every low stone doorway.  Now they’re flying back home, only slightly concussed, and we all agree it was delightful:

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4 Responses to This Time, Pork Free

  1. christina weidt says:

    Wow guys what fantastic photos!!!!! Looks like spring has arrived in Cappadocia, glad to see you some great weather to show them the sites. Lots of love, Christina

  2. lime says:

    so fun to share with people who look for adventure. glad you got to enjoy doing that with family.

  3. geewits says:

    Your photos are always amazing! I’m so glad you got to spend time with people from back home. I was just thinking about an old post you did about the “old” shag carpet on your basement stairs that was yellow or orange. Doesn’t seem so old now, does it?

  4. Julio says:

    Thanks again for sharing your time abroad with the rest of the world. I ‘m sure that having some familiar faces in your midst was a true joy! What fun to share all that you have explored with others. I hadn’t been on for a while so it was fun to catch up with the lastest and of course see the pictures. Just amazing…

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