This One Is for My Aunt Geri, Who Recoils in Horror at the Idea of Coming to Turkey

Since the first time I casually said to Aunt Geri, “You should come visit us in Turkey,” her response has been a visceral one, followed by a sentiment along the lines of “Yea, that ain’t gonna happen. No thank you. Nope. Not a whit of interest. Not. even.”

Of course, because I enjoy playing The Pain, I respond with, “So when you come, what would you like to see and do?”

A big part of her reluctance could pertain to the sometimes-questionable bathrooms, particularly public bathrooms.

Yesterday, we enountered a bathroom in the small village of Mazi that would have not only made Aunt Geri recoil, but it would have made her hop the next donkey to the border. Her “ughs” and “ewwws” would have echoed for at least ten kilometers.

If this photo from the men’s room, a photo which Haakon went in and snapped after staggering out and announcing about the bathroom, “Yup, this isn’t a very good one,” doesn’t fully convey the ick, then Aunt Geri can just ask her brother, my Uncle Scott, who was here visiting and who used that bathroom himself.

We’d taken Scott and his wife Phyl to the underground city in Mazi. Based on the state of this squat toilet, I shudder to think what else is running underground in Mazi…

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5 Responses to This One Is for My Aunt Geri, Who Recoils in Horror at the Idea of Coming to Turkey

  1. Jazz says:

    OK, that? That is repulsive.

    At the very least.

    And I’ve been in some pretty nasty toilets in Asia.

  2. Jenn @ Juggling Life says:

    Your Aunt Geri have the same feelings about the minimum quality of bathrooms.

  3. Deborah says:

    Reminds me a lot of roadside French toilets. But nothing beats the first truly European toilet I ever encountered in a cafe, ah, restroom, in Calais.
    Not only was the evidence of, ah, previous use most apparent, but there was a dead chicken in the middle of it all. At the time, I didn’t pause to wonder if there was a connection between the bird’s demise (I resist the pun) and its location or just a random case of (I can’t) fowl play.

  4. geewits says:

    That really is disgusting. I would have to go home and shower just from being close enough to take the picture.

  5. lime says:

    i’d sooner dig my own hole behind a bush.

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