Setting the Tone for 2011

I have a deep and spontaneous affection for Grandpa Types, a prediliction that is going to become simultaneously more appropriate and creepy as I age into my golden years. For now, though, I see a cutie grandpa and just want to squeeze him, dig through my bag to see if I can scrounge up anything–from throat lozenge to spare pen–to stuff into his pocket, and fetch him a warm beverage and the remote control. Even if he smells like a wallet marinated in whiskey, I pretty much want to ease him into a recliner and pass him the pistachios.

It’s all part of My Grandpa Thing.

So is the fun I had snapping photos of Grandpa Types in the city of Adana, which is our first stop in a week-long venture around the region called Hatay. We spent hours walking along the river and trailing the kids through the various playgrounds that anchor the green space bordering the river…and hours taking photos.

You know, of Grandpa Types. And stuff.

Here are my four favorite snaps from today. I need help whittling down these candidates for my Turkish Grandpa Calendar 2011. Who would you vote for as your Mr. January?

Candidate #1:  Easy, Breezy, Traditional, Well-Barbered:


Candidate #2: Gruff, Straightshooting, Daring to Wear the Outlawed Fez, Mobile on His Awesome Bike:


Candidate #3: Observant, Interested in Old Roman Bridges from the 4th Century, Amenable to Palm Tree Prickles, a Real Take Charge of the Landscape Fellow:


Candidate #4: Not Afraid to Wield the Cane or Blow the Nose, Sensible in Layers, Rocking His Sneakers, Enjoying the Slightly Off-Kilter Party Inside His Head:


The calendar neesds to go to press, er, next week, so a decision must be made. Which delightful grandpappy gets the honor of becoming Mr. January?

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14 Responses to Setting the Tone for 2011

  1. C-leen says:

    A fez AND a little plastic bike horn? Please. It’s #2 in a landslide.

  2. kmkat says:

    I go for #1 or #3. Baggy pants are SUCH a turn-on.

  3. christina weidt & ginny o'neil says:

    #4 Slightly Off-Kilter Party Inside His Head Grandpa gets two votes, how can there be any question? Can anyone resist how he Loves to Show off his New Shiney Brights with a Captivating Smile? Ginny notes His Personal Joy at Passing Wind as another vote-winning feature. Glad y’all are having fun in the East! xo

  4. lime says:

    #4, anyone enjoying the party that much gets my vote!

  5. Shannon says:

    Contestant # 4 for me.

  6. Deborah says:

    Our man #4 definitely has a sense of humour, which is an essential requirement for most every January, if one is to get through them. He’s got my vote. Besides, his running shoes look like my dad’s.

  7. Erin says:

    #1 – He looks like a model for a Turkish JCPenney catalog. 😉

  8. christina weidt & ginny o'neil says:

    I tried to post this yesterday but must have missed something, hitting the Post Comment button perhaps?
    You have two strong votes for Enjoying the Slightly Off-Kilter Party Inside His Head. Let’s look at the facts, people: he also Loves Showing Off His Brand New Pearly Whites, and as Ginny points out He Joyfully Expresses His Wind – how can there be any contest? Hands down the winner, others may want to reconsider their previous votes…

  9. geewits says:

    Mr. Fez! Hands down! There’s always something hot about a rebel.
    So now please explain the fez thing – my curiosity must be sated.

  10. Jazz says:

    Grandpa 2. Definitely.

  11. I’ll go with #1, who can beat that combination of baggy pants and fashion catalog jacket-over-the-shoulder look? He’s got a real metro-grandpa thing going on! ;D

  12. Jocelyn says:

    Paco votes for #1 because it’s his birthday month and he knows who should REP-REE-SENT his bday.

    Allegra votes for #1 because it’s sometimes good not to see someone’s face, and she likes his haircut.

  13. Julie says:

    I vote for Grandpa #4. That cane looks like it could be picked up and waved in joy or amusement or used to deal with any whippersnappers that pass by.

  14. Jess says:

    I votes for #4. He looks like a fun grandpa. Albait one that might frequently make inappropriate grown-up jokes to mom & dad that would confuse me.

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