Recess and Field Trips

Because I was a towering giant of a girl, one of my favorite things to do during recess during elementary school was play tetherball.

We don’t have that here–yet I don’t feel the kids are missing out.  Here are some photos from yesterday’s recess:

Tomorrow, we launch ourselves into a multi-day field trip, not to the firehouse or the zoo,

but, rather,

it will be a field trip that starts with a cab ride to Goreme, where we’ll have coffee with a German anthropologist,

after which we’ll get on the overnight bus (11 hours) to Istanbul,

followed by a day of wandering around the city on its national Republic Day–we’re hoping the mosaic museum will be open…and the Starbucks…anything to keep us moving and awake until we can check into our hostel mid-afternoon and collapse;

the day after that, we fly to Paris (it’s time to exit the country so as to renew our 90-day visas), where we’ll spend five days and nights touring the sights and telling the kids, “If you see the Mona Lisa in person, that definitely qualifies as art class,”

and then we’ll take The Chunnel to London and spend a day looking at wax figures and watching the changing of the guard,

before we head out of the city for several days at Windsor Legoland,

closing that off with another day of sights in London proper and a return trip on The Chunnel,

which will allow for a last day of croissant eating

before we climb on a plane and jet back to Istanbul,

where we’ll sleep, relax, and ready ourselves to board a plane back to Cappadocia the next day.

I don’t think we’ll be strapped for journal prompts in Language Arts class…

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7 Responses to Recess and Field Trips

  1. geewits says:

    Holy Moley! That’s a whopping bunch of itinerary! It sounds like so much fun and such a grand experience. I hope everything goes smoothly and you guys have a ton of fun. Bon voyage!

  2. Please don’t kill the experience with too many journal prompts! When people pulled their kids out of school to visit India or Europe or Japan, the only homework I gave was to take lots of pictures and come back with a slide show!

  3. Jazz says:

    Now THAT’s what I call a field trip !

  4. Becky C says:

    Ooh, ooh, can you fit me into your suitcase?! Been to Paris a couple times, London once, but Istanbul… AND Legoland? My bag is packed!

  5. Now that’s one heck of a field trip! I wish I’d had one like that when I was a kid, instead of going to the local McDonald’s to see how they made hamburgers 😀

  6. lime says:

    envy is not an admirable quality, right? ok, that’s what i thought. in that case. take LOTS of pictures and share the best of those and the journal prompts. wow, what great opportunities.

  7. Steve says:

    Have fun. Those kids may not know it every minute, but they’re having an amazing time. Love the pics.

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