First Impressions

We arrived in Goreme, Turkey, yesterday after almost 24 hours of travel.  Little sleep was had so we are quite wiped out today.  Turkey is in the middle of a heat wave and we can feel it.  Combine heat and fatigue and we are not the best people to be around.  Good thing the pension we are staying at has a pool.  We have been in twice already and plan a third swim before we sleep tonight.

One thing I look forward to during this adventure the ability to not be awoken by the call to prayer at 4:30 in the morning.  Three of us, minus the boy who discovered that on-demand movies and games are much more exciting than sleeping on the plane, were awoken by the call to prayer echoing around the valley.  It is an impressive sound but unfamiliar, thus, an early alarm clock for us.  We tried to fall asleep after it was done but did not.  This, thankfully allowed us to watch the hot air balloons rise up over the valley and take off.  35-40 balloons rose from across the valley as the sun rose behind them.  It was an impressive site.  The balloons are a very successful tourist venture in Cappadocia.  

We also ventured out into the village to get our bearings and start to understand the surroundings.  A typical scene follows.

We will supply more details in the next few days.  I fell asleep while drawing this afternoon.  I’d never done that before.  I probably shouldn’t be communicating with the world.

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5 Responses to First Impressions

  1. Kirsten & Virginia says:

    so good to hear from you…have been checking the blog on and off the past couple of days hoping for word…the love affair has begun…two photos is all it takes…i have to say that i am experiencing a tiny bit of jealousy…just a tiny bit…love to you!

  2. Kirsten & Virginia says:

    so good to hear from you….we have been watching for the update…the falling in love has begun…two photos is all it takes…i (kirsten) have to confess that i am experiencing a little bit of jealousy…a tiny little bit 🙂

    love to you all

  3. lime says:

    ah, the joys of sleep deprivation and a brand new culture! take heart. i’m married to a volunteer fireman and we lived 2 blocks from the house. i learned to sleep thru the fire alarms. i’m betting you’ll soon learn to sleep thru the call to prayer. neat that it brought the balloons to you though!

  4. Nancy says:

    The Cappodica hot air balloons were just shown in a 60 minute clip on Christianity (or lack of it) in Turkey. The guide took the 60 minute host to a place in the mountains (or hills) where there were buildings built into the hillside. They looked like little houses, but inside the “houses” the ceilings were painted brillinatly and elaborately with Christian figures, faces, symbols, etc. The “houses” were unoccupied and seemingly untouched and in a remote area that the hot air balloons could get to…very interesting you just mentioned them.

  5. Byron says:

    There are so many layers of history and the cultures of the people who created the history here. It has been quite hot so we haven’t really explored all the area has to offer. We are waiting for cooler weather. But in the early Christian period many churches were carved out of the cliffs and fairy chimney’s here. They were used by the Christians to avoid detection and persecution. Many of the caves had been carved out by the Hittites before them. Then descendants of the current residents used them as storage areas for crops or as pigeon coops to gather the droppings and fertilize their crops. Now some of the caves, not the churches, are being turned into hotels. Layer. upon layer…..

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