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Definitely Not The Dells

It came as a surprise to me when, in adulthood, I realized that many people (let’s admit it:  women) grow up harboring ideas of their “dream wedding.”  REALLY?  Never once, in any fashion, as a child, teen, or adult, had … Continue reading

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And Here I Thought A Shotgun Wedding Was a Good Time

One thing that hasn’t waned during our time in Turkey is the fact that we miss friends and family; fortunately, technology manages to create some feelings of connection.  For instance, while I miss my fabulous cousin Kurt and his family this year, seeing … Continue reading

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The World’s a Playground

We sometimes feel like 8 of our last 11 years have been spent hanging out on various playgrounds.  There’s the park near our house in Duluth that we call “Our Playground.”  There are Chester Park, Lester Park, Bayfront (“Castle Playground”), not … Continue reading

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