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With our friend Jim visiting last week, we had the opportunity to visit a couple of spots that we’ve heretofore not seen, the standout being the open air museum called Zelve (zel-way).  We got there only a half an hour … Continue reading

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No Ham Easter

I’m finding my aversion to holidays is less strong in Turkey.  Partially, it’s because I’m not overwhelmed with teaching and toting kids around and always craving more time in every day; therefore, spending hours prepping only to undo that prep work a short … Continue reading

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“I hope AC/DC is opening,” I whispered to Byron as we entered the Konya cultural center, jostled through the security checkpoint along with 2,100 of our closest friends. Downstairs, the concession and souvenir stands were open. Upstairs, thousands of head-scarved … Continue reading

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All the Way from California

My mom and her new 87-year-old husband recently visited for eleven days; I have to say, with how uneven and challenging the terrain is here, they both proved their mettle on even the shortest walk. After leaving us a couple … Continue reading

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In This Week’s Episode

…Ricky gets a shave, and Lucy takes a break from the chocolate chip cookie assembly line long enough to feel up his baby-fine skin. Slathered in goo, Ricky has to perform “Babalu” with literal egg on his face that night … Continue reading

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