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Birthday Girl

She’s working on a British accent. She really likes Thai curry. My uncle, recently visiting, noted of her penchant for running ahead and fearlessly exploring every nook, “She’s a charger.” When I was giving Haakon a mnemonic device for remembering … Continue reading

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Definitely Not Sanity Saving

It’s a Sunday afternoon here, and I have no idea what time it is–unless we can call Once Again the Power Is Out, Just When I Wanted to Take a Shower, Do the Dishes, and Run Some Laundry** an hour … Continue reading

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This Time, Pork Free

With the arrival of Spring, people are ready to travel. Thus, we’ll be hosting a spate of visitors in the next few months, people who are ready to eat olives and tomatoes, soak up the Call to Prayer, and peek into ancient … Continue reading

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This One Is for My Aunt Geri, Who Recoils in Horror at the Idea of Coming to Turkey

Since the first time I casually said to Aunt Geri, “You should come visit us in Turkey,” her response has been a visceral one, followed by a sentiment along the lines of “Yea, that ain’t gonna happen. No thank you. … Continue reading

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Headscarves on the Hillside

Our friend Elaine is an elementary teacher at a private school in the neighboring town of Nevsehir.  Quite wonderfully, she managed to get us included yesterday on a school trip to the regional ski resort at Erciyes, an extinct volanco … Continue reading

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Gonna Be a Bright, Bright Sunshiny Day

Aren’t we supposed to become inured to the beauty that surrounds us every day? I’m not so sure.  With the kids, with this place, every time I clap eyes on them, just when the sun is starting to dip, I’m … Continue reading

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