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He Still Has His Boyish Charm (and Girlish Figure)

Today, Byron is 40. Having long-term friends visiting from home, along with being able to have a handful of new friends over for cupcakes, made the day feel good. The fact that we ate lunch in a delightful setting didn’t … Continue reading

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First Thanksgiving

It is possible to get turkey in Turkey. However, like a good cup of coffee, obtaining one takes some work. For this reason, we are immensely appreciative of both hostesses who have invited us to their homes this week to … Continue reading

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Two bikes have come into our lives in the last week.  Our world has gotten so much bigger with two sets of wheels. Thank you Laura and Christina.  Me loves me a bike.

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The Azan

Click on the link below to see a video I shot from our rooftop Wednesday at 4:45 p.m. It is completely representative of the sights and sounds that fill our days, including the dog howling along with the meuzzin as … Continue reading

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Cold Comfort

With cold weather setting in, Paco’s getting good behind an axe. You see, central heating wasn’t on the minds of the Greek family that built our house in roughly 1600. And in the centuries since then, the sporadic inhabitants of … Continue reading

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London, Big Time

 What is it about miniatures? Despite their diminutive size, things like tiny furniture, china, chocolate bars, and Heidi Montag’s brain all receive fairly major attention.  With miniatures, as with Heidi’s brain, the hitch seems to be the incongruity of It’s … Continue reading

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The Women–With the Exception of Your Humble Author–Truly Are Chic, and the Fact That Nearly Every One of Them Was Wearing Knee-High Black Boots Almost Blotted Out the Fact That We Couldn’t Find Internet Access Fer Nuthin’

All apologies to the complex and fascinating country of Turkey, but when we got off the plane in Paris, it was like the start of five days of shore leave. We were giddy. Suddenly, it felt like we’d been shipped … Continue reading

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