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Recess and Field Trips

Because I was a towering giant of a girl, one of my favorite things to do during recess during elementary school was play tetherball. We don’t have that here–yet I don’t feel the kids are missing out.  Here are some … Continue reading

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One thing I’m finding valuable about this year is that it’s taking us back to a base line in regards to things we take for granted.  For instance, I would pay significant money right now for mac ‘n cheese, molasses, vanilla extract, Triscuits, and … Continue reading

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Kurds and Why

The first step is admitting I have a problem, right? That I can do. Unfortunately, I’m still unwilling to explore any of the steps beyond that. Because I still quite like my addiction– to textiles. I don’t need knicknacks; I … Continue reading

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How to Make the Muscles in One Leg Significantly Larger Than the Other

As mentioned in an earlier post, we found a pottery teacher for the kids in the neighboring town of Avanos, a place known for the red clay that comes out of the Kizilirmak river. The teacher is named Ertas; he … Continue reading

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The Fifth Dimension Said It First

 A few years back, Barack Obama entered many people’s lives and gave them a renewed sense of hope and “Yes, we can”-ishness. For me, this week, a taxi driver named Kadir was our Turkish Obama. The backstory is that, although … Continue reading

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Second Grade Tour Guide

A few weeks ago, we experienced the Black Sea area of Turkey when we took the bus from Istanbul to the town of Amasra. While there, we flew rocks into the sea, walked over an old Roman bridge, and ate … Continue reading

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Open Air

Byron’s parents are visiting Turkey for three weeks; we’re spending two of those weeks with them, first traveling around the country a little and more recently here in Cappadocia.  Two days ago, we spent the afternoon visiting the Open Air … Continue reading

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Laggard’s Perspective

We’ve been traveling around the last week and a half with Byron’s parents, acting like tourists for the first time in two months. It’s been great to see so much (Istanbul, the Black Sea, the national capital of Ankara, and … Continue reading

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