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Discovering Our True Path

In our family we have always felt a little uncomfortable with the roles we have fallen into.  Istanbul, and Turkey, has changed that all for us.

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We met my in-laws, Jay and Kirsten, in Istanbul this week. Despite humidity and overwhelming crowds, we all were able to appreciate such a glorious city. Haakon, who has declared our village of Ortahisar to be “just TOO village, Mom,” … Continue reading

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During the first walk-through of our house, when we’d only been told “it’s a bigger, nicer place,” the landlord delineated a few things: that the mosque traffic would diminish once Ramazan was over and the nightly Islam classes ceased; that … Continue reading

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The Balkan Church

When Jocelyn and I need to escape, and just have some time alone, we head to the canyons and ridges around our village.  Twenty minutes south of our house is an old church, the Balkan Kilese, that has provided us … Continue reading

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Dolmus Do-Si-Do

At first, we were oblivous, plopping ourselves down in any available seat, attempting not to sweat on our seatmates. Little did we know, sweat is not the issue.  Sweat can be–is–shared freely.  Body odor also comes free of charge. The issue … Continue reading

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Avanos Pottery Lessons

Before we left The States, when I was reading up on the main towns of Cappadocia, I got excited by the idea of the small city of Avanos.  This town of roughly 11,000 people is situated on the “Red River” … Continue reading

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This One Could Break the Bank

Our health insurance does cover us internationally, but I doubt it will pay for an Uneven Evil Eye-ectomy. Guess we’ll just have to leave her this way. Do you think the kids in middle school will make fun of her … Continue reading

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Ebru to Fill the Spaces

Getting anywhere outside of Ortahisar (the village of lounging, staring men) requires a trip on a dolmus, which is a mini-bus that zips from village to village. The unfortunate thing about dolmuses for us is that there’s no direct bus … Continue reading

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Canyon Picnic

(I am at an Internet cafe, and the keyboard at this computer has no apostrophe key, hence my lack of possessives and contractions in this post…so I am formal and refusing all ownership today…) Three minutes walk from our house is a … Continue reading

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Missing the Sunset Bus

A brisk 30 plus minute walk from our home is the “Sunset Overlook” that is famous with the tourists.  Bus loads of Japanese tourists end their days there.  German motorcycle tourers park their BMW bikes and leathers to ponder the … Continue reading

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