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About As Good As a McNugget

We read a great deal about Turkish cuisine before hopping on the plane, and everything we ingested in our reading made us excited. Dang. The reality has been less impressive. Yes, we’ve been eating in restaurants in a tourist area, … Continue reading

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Placemat in Pottery Town

We caught a ride today (for the cost of petrol) from a guy named Murat, who’s a friend of a local guy named Mithat. Mithat heard we were trying to find out the times of the buses to get to … Continue reading

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Photos of the House

Here is what’s filling our eyes:

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Sounds of Daily Life

In addition to photos it is always fun to get sound bites that aren’t from daily life.  I love it when NPR records sounds for a story like the sound of bread being kneaded or the scratching of a tool … Continue reading

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Evidence of the Move

The last week has been busy.  We spent the first half of the week living with our wonderful friend, Christina, working on the details of our rental and just generally lazing around.  A crazy day in Nev?ehir, the closest BIG … Continue reading

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Fasting at Ramazan

By: Allegra Pihlaja Fasting at Ramazan I have learned and noticed some things about Ramazan here in Turkey.  When the drummers go by at 3:30 in the morning every Muslim  person starts eating  a huge meal.  Then all day long … Continue reading

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We’re in the Throes of a Frustrating Search for a Home and Have Only Two More Nights in the Pension, Which Means I’m Both Disheartened Yet Still Enjoying the Spectacle…Hence, I Call This Post ‘Snippets’

    I woke up the other morning to the voice of a balloon pilot calling out to our neighbors at the pension, who were sitting out on their balcony, taking in the morning balloon launches. The pilot, hovering incredibly … Continue reading

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Cave House Art

Turkey is in the midst of a gigantic heatwave.  In Ankara, the capital, older civil servants with health problems were sent home because of the heat.  In Istanbul the temperature, adjusted for humidity, is reaching 40 degrees Centigrade (104 degrees … Continue reading

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First Impressions

We arrived in Goreme, Turkey, yesterday after almost 24 hours of travel.  Little sleep was had so we are quite wiped out today.  Turkey is in the middle of a heat wave and we can feel it.  Combine heat and … Continue reading

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Air Time

We are in final preparation mode here in southern Minnesota.  In just 4 hours we load the cars and drive to the airport.  Our plan is to arrive a little early in case we need to pull ourselves from the … Continue reading

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