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Suitable Cases

The legend of Turkish carpet salesmen looms large. Stereotypes depict them as sharks, circling as they lure buyers into spending more money than they are able–and for an inferior product. Relentless, dishonest, slick…these are the adjectives most commonly associated with … Continue reading

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Dust In the Wind

This past week has had two foci: 1) The 16 cm of snow that have fallen across Cappadocia, taking an arid-feeling, dusty landscape and transforming it into the curiosity that is an arid-feeling, dusty landscape capped by snow; it’s a whole … Continue reading

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“Towery city and branchy between towers; Cuckoo-echoing, bell-swarmèd, lark-charmèd, rook-racked, river-rounded.”–Gerard Manley Hopkins The first indication that I’m not a visionary came when I rocked the PSAT in high school.  No one had told me it was coming; no one … Continue reading

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So Much Room at the Inn

There are days when I marvel that Byron hasn’t packed it in when it comes to our marriage gig–you know, taken his bandana and a broom handle and tied up his Swiss Army Knife, bag of marbles, pet frog, and collection of … Continue reading

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Presents for Paco

“I don’t like to be in pictures; I like to take them,” avows Paco. Good thing he’s proven a gifted photographer already–no need to delete his shots or bolster his efforts with false praise. The only problem arises on occasions … Continue reading

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Jiggety Jog

Tomorrow, we get on a bus that will take us from Gaziantep to Kayseri. It’s an eight-hour ride and will land us in Kayseri after the last bus of the evening departs to the smaller city of Urgup, which we … Continue reading

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Abutting Little Chips

After a somewhat rough landing (the crowded dolmus toting us over the mountains from Iskenderun to Antakya pulled over somewhere in the city limits, summarily dumped us out, and left us standing in the middle of a bewildering industrial area nowhere … Continue reading

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Setting the Tone for 2011

I have a deep and spontaneous affection for Grandpa Types, a prediliction that is going to become simultaneously more appropriate and creepy as I age into my golden years. For now, though, I see a cutie grandpa and just want … Continue reading

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An Unleavened Barn Raising

Only five months later can I comprehend the shock that overtook me when we arrived in Turkey. Had we first stopped in Istanbul, the landing might have been softer and felt more gradual in terms of West-to-East, but since we … Continue reading

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Slouching Towards Ortahisar

They’re everywhere, these guys: aging, just wanting a mellow afternoon out at the garden plot, so lucky to have a donkey to spell their aching knees. Personally, I get a huge kick out of a place where guys on donkeys … Continue reading

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