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One Last Blast

A few weeks ago, as the reality of wrapping up this year–a time full of heightened experiences; of everything blowing us sideways with its novelty; of peeling back the layers; of change, adjustment, appreciation, amazement–sunk in, Byron and I felt ourselves slide into the … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Earth: “And Then People Carried Rocks Around and Stacked Them and Called it ‘Home'”

This week’s adventure was to rent a car for a couple of days and drive three hours to the ruins of Hattusas and Alacahöyük, which I’d first heard about from the kids’ pottery teacher last fall (he doubles as a high school … Continue reading

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Redefining “Neighborhood Watch Program”

First, I have to brace myself, especially if it’s a hot day, and I’ve decided that wearing shorts is the only choice between me and heat exhaustion. Secondly, I replay in my mind the guidebook phrase that informs, “Turks don’t … Continue reading

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I Also Spotted a Pair of Ruby Red Slippers in the Field

Back in Duluth, I can go weeks without having to recharge my Kindle.  However, here in the land of No Bookstores (much less ones with books in English), the Kindle has become our most-coveted item, one that circulates amongst all … Continue reading

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“I hope AC/DC is opening,” I whispered to Byron as we entered the Konya cultural center, jostled through the security checkpoint along with 2,100 of our closest friends. Downstairs, the concession and souvenir stands were open. Upstairs, thousands of head-scarved … Continue reading

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This Time, Pork Free

With the arrival of Spring, people are ready to travel. Thus, we’ll be hosting a spate of visitors in the next few months, people who are ready to eat olives and tomatoes, soak up the Call to Prayer, and peek into ancient … Continue reading

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Headscarves on the Hillside

Our friend Elaine is an elementary teacher at a private school in the neighboring town of Nevsehir.  Quite wonderfully, she managed to get us included yesterday on a school trip to the regional ski resort at Erciyes, an extinct volanco … Continue reading

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Gonna Be a Bright, Bright Sunshiny Day

Aren’t we supposed to become inured to the beauty that surrounds us every day? I’m not so sure.  With the kids, with this place, every time I clap eyes on them, just when the sun is starting to dip, I’m … Continue reading

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Grande Divertimento

Yesterday, we left Venice and flew to Istanbul and then Kayseri, followed by a one-hour shuttle ride to Goreme, where we will be staying until this weekend, when one of the owners of the Fairy Chimney Inn returns from her … Continue reading

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Suitable Cases

The legend of Turkish carpet salesmen looms large. Stereotypes depict them as sharks, circling as they lure buyers into spending more money than they are able–and for an inferior product. Relentless, dishonest, slick…these are the adjectives most commonly associated with … Continue reading

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