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Wishing for More Snow

Our two days of snow this winter were magical. Please send some more.

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Merry Christmas

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Two bikes have come into our lives in the last week.  Our world has gotten so much bigger with two sets of wheels. Thank you Laura and Christina.  Me loves me a bike.

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Discovering Our True Path

In our family we have always felt a little uncomfortable with the roles we have fallen into.  Istanbul, and Turkey, has changed that all for us.

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The Balkan Church

When Jocelyn and I need to escape, and just have some time alone, we head to the canyons and ridges around our village.  Twenty minutes south of our house is an old church, the Balkan Kilese, that has provided us … Continue reading

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Missing the Sunset Bus

A brisk 30 plus minute walk from our home is the “Sunset Overlook” that is famous with the tourists.  Bus loads of Japanese tourists end their days there.  German motorcycle tourers park their BMW bikes and leathers to ponder the … Continue reading

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Sounds of Daily Life

In addition to photos it is always fun to get sound bites that aren’t from daily life.  I love it when NPR records sounds for a story like the sound of bread being kneaded or the scratching of a tool … Continue reading

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Evidence of the Move

The last week has been busy.  We spent the first half of the week living with our wonderful friend, Christina, working on the details of our rental and just generally lazing around.  A crazy day in Nev?ehir, the closest BIG … Continue reading

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Cave House Art

Turkey is in the midst of a gigantic heatwave.  In Ankara, the capital, older civil servants with health problems were sent home because of the heat.  In Istanbul the temperature, adjusted for humidity, is reaching 40 degrees Centigrade (104 degrees … Continue reading

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First Impressions

We arrived in Goreme, Turkey, yesterday after almost 24 hours of travel.  Little sleep was had so we are quite wiped out today.  Turkey is in the middle of a heat wave and we can feel it.  Combine heat and … Continue reading

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