So, You Picked Up One of the Free Bookmarks…

You are one Lucky Person.

  • Only 60 will be printed.
  • They are completely archival.  Your grandchildren will thank you, posthumously, when they visit Antiques Roadshow and are praised for the fine quality of their limited edition bookmark.
  • Use it to mark your place in a book.  That’s what it’s for.  This may compromise its quality and value in 200 years but I made it to be used in a book.  Read a book.  Or two.
  • The original may or may not have been sold.  Contact me if you are curious.  I can also do commissioned work, if you are interested.
  • I’m curious about who takes the bookmarks.  If you trust me and my website (I swear it is virus free and I will not use your email address for any evil purpose) send me a quick message to let me know you picked one up.  Click here to go to the Contact page and you can drop me a line from there.  Thanks.

Now, go read some books.



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