A Facebook post is such an ephemeral thing.  It is featured and prominent today.  The next day it is  buried deep under Frontierville updates, birthday wishes, and comments about the current pop culture phenom.  Some of the posts are little gems that deserve more than the quick life they see.

In an attempt to give legs to some of these tiny stories I will be doing an occasional series of comics that use a “friend’s” post as the text.  My interpretation of their words will come in the drawing and a bit of commentary at the end.  It is an interesting and novel approach to this world of social media that we are all drawn to.  And it buys me some more time to work on projects that are more involved, which will start to be revealed in serial form later this month.

Until then, enjoy a lentil burger.


  1. unmitigated me May 2, 2011

    “Mmmmm…lentil burgers” just doesn’t have the same Homeric ring, does it?

  2. Jocelyn May 2, 2011

    I’m such a fan of a well-written FB update, probably because they’re so rare. And I know that, although ALL MY FB POSTS ARE SUPER EXTRA AWESOME, you can’t favor me and illustrate them all. Maybe just every few months, when I mention your manly arm ripples in an update, you’ll be compelled to draw it out?

  3. Jocelyn May 2, 2011

    Also, don’t you feel really bad that I comment on all of your comics, like a faithful helpmeet should, yet you’ve only–what?–once commented on one of my blog posts? Let that guilt keep you up at night, sonny.

  4. lime May 3, 2011

    what’s the appropriate condiment for a lentil burger?

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