Erciyes Volcano

I have not posted in awhile.  Sorry.  We have been busy traveling and watching an inn and its resident pets.  Time to draw and post has been rare.

And I have been working on an epic Sabbatical Year comic.  It is equal to four regular comics so it is taking a bit to write and draw.  It will be posted in conjunction with some of Jocelyn’s writing.  It isn’t a collaboration but our personal viewpoint on the same subject.  We probably are heading towards a collaboration in the future.  This is our first step.

Today’s drawing is one of my first attempts to use the brush to ink a drawing as opposed to the nib pens I have been using.  It certainly has a different feel than a pen and will take some time to get use to the mechanics of inking a drawing.  I can see the benefits of both.  The pen can be more technical, yet cold, while the brush brings more emotion but lacks the preciseness of the pen.

The scene above is of the extinct volcano, Erciyes, that dominates the eastern horizon from our house in Ortahisar.  We had a warm day last week so I climbed to our roof and sketched this scene.  Today it is snowing and the volcano is hidden.


  1. Deborah January 27, 2011

    So lovely, So simple. Deceptively so, I know. I wish I knew how to draw like that.
    Oh I like the way you think, too, Byron. And it warms my heart to read things like ‘this is our first step’.

  2. Jazz January 27, 2011

    A collaboration between you and Jocelyn? Sounds like a great idea…

    At first I saw Sabbath year comic… because I’m just that much of a spaz.

  3. Jocelyn January 28, 2011

    I kind of thought we’d been involved in a collaboration Lo These Past Twelve Years, honey. What do you call the children, if not a collaboration? Perhaps “a couple of really fun nights”?

  4. christina February 3, 2011

    Beautiful Byron, I love it! Whenever the fog and clouds would clear enough that I could see Erciyes I would always be struck by a deep feeling of peacefulness, of stillness. I think you’ve captured that feeling wonderfully.

  5. Mother Theresa February 4, 2011

    Beautiful….I wish I could do that, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Now you’ve got me really curious about that collaboration. Jocelyn’s words and your drawings, that should be fabulous. Can’t wait!

  6. Steve February 7, 2011

    It makes Cappadocia seem so peaceful. Are there any rumblings that the revolutions of elsewhere in the Middle East might burst forth like hot lava?

  7. lime February 21, 2011

    you really capture the stark beauty of the landscape.

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