Ortahisar Main Street

For this sketch I sat on a brick wall behind the taxi stand and the dolmus (minibus) stop. After about 10 minutes the owner of the little shop nearby had to come over and check what I was doing. I showed him and he deemed the drawing and my sitting here good. Next thing I know the man from the tea shop on the corner was delivering me tea, courtesy of the shop owner. Not much happens in public here without some tea being involved.

This is a full sized sketch.


  1. Jazz December 16, 2010

    But is the tea good?

  2. Jocelyn December 16, 2010

    What a good question from Jazz. It’s good sometimes, if it’s not Lipton. It’s good, when it’s well done, the way of a British breakfast tea. It’s always good if you add three sugar cubes.

    Hey, Byron: remember when you had to drink tea to get the “mutar” (councilman) to stamp our residency paperwork? Remember tonight, when you got a shave, because the barber yanked you in for tea?

  3. Steve December 17, 2010

    Nice, and where are the tea stains?

  4. Byron December 18, 2010

    I l?ke the tea, Jazz, but I have always l?ked a strong, black tea. I do seem to not be able to leave the house these days to do business w?thout be?ng stopped to have tea and uncomfortable s?lence w?th other men who only have l?m?ted Engl?sh to compl?ment my l?m?ted Turk?sh. Pardon the undotted i man?a. I am at an ?nternet cafe and am feel?ng lazy.

  5. Byron December 18, 2010

    I th?nk I should start ?ncorporat?ng them ?nto my work…..I have been too caut?ous, obv?ously.

  6. lime December 18, 2010

    what a lovely gesture from someone who appreciated what you were doing.

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