Monthly Archives: August 2010

Dreams Part 2

We are settled into our home now and I have found time to draw and write again.  It is a good feeling.  Our family has fallen into a schedule of staying up later than we would back at home.  If everyone had to get up for school, and work,  it would be a nightmare but it works for us here.  I wake up earlier than everyone so I have at least an hour every morning to draw, or go out and explore.  It is nice to have a bit of a routine again.

As one reads the above comic one might think that our children our geographically challenged, what with being excited about the Eiffel Tower and the Great Pyramids on their Turkey adventure.  The reality is that we plan to travel during our time here and in mid-winter we hope to fly to Cairo and visit the pyramids.  They are so close we feel the need to take advantage of the proximity.  We also hope to travel some in Europe next spring/summer, thus Allegra’s excitement for visiting Paris.

Next week I’ll start exploring our time so far in Turkey.  Ideas and thoughts for story lines always take a bit to come together in my mind so that is why I’ve been shying away from depicting our experiences in country.  We’ve been here long enough, almost four weeks, that I can see the direction the comic will go.

Finally, re-listen to The Clash’s London Calling, again.  An awesome album and it is good no matter where you are.